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COMING  Slowly Slowly at Turtle Speed

A Travel Guide for Turtles

Travel Guide for Turtles is based on my personal journeys, physical and non-physical. An avid traveller, I was stopped in my tracks, when dis-ease caught me by surprise in 2017. My narrow escapes on crazy bus journeys around India, and seeing baby turtles hatching from their shells on a beach in Ghana one morning were among the experiences that gave my faith, that my fate was in safe hands. With no mammy or daddy present, the brave new-born baby Turtles excitedly paddled straight into the Atlantic ocean, armed with a hard shell and innate ‘trust’.

One of the oldest creatures on planet earth Turtles have been around for 220 million years. Famed for their slow movements and long lives of up to 160 years, they hold clues to our existence and survival on this planet.

Travel Guide for Turtles is an exploration into the soul connection between all beings,  sharing time and space, as guests of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

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